The Czech ice hockey player is a phenomenon in America: He mistakes him with the legendary Jordan

PRAGUE – Only five matches have been played in Carolina’s jersey, despite the fact that they have many thanks for his lifelong contribution to the sport, signing requests and admiration words.The name of Michael Jordan’s hockey defender Michaels Jordan in America and the twenty-three-year-old Zlín-born child is experiencing stories from his menu, which is mistaken for basketball legend Michael Jordan.

In mid-February, he played the NHL premiere in the match against Toronto On Team Dinner entertained the “namesake” of the former superstar of the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards teammates. “We sat in the restaurant, and suddenly on ESPN, a photo of Michael Jordan and mine jumped up,” told Jordan journalists in an interview with today’s sports hockey team meeting represented by Sport Invest. P>

“There was a comparison of how many matches we played.He had about two thousand and a huge number of points, I have one match. “

Jordan’s own NBA club, Charlotte Bobcats, and Jordan, joins the AHL Charlotte Checkers farm when he was shot in AHL in January, was in the VIP box of a six-time winner of the famous basketball league and the two-time Olympic champion, and when Jordan saw his name on the blackboard He stood up, started dancing and pumped his right hand.

“Several times we met in the stadium’s bowels. All I miss is to have a jersey number 23. I still have it pretended.We will not do such a circus again, but it’s funny, “said a former junior representative.

The common address in Charlotte brought him another funny situation. “Once the envelope came, I opened it and the first page was A4. “

” As I read on and on, So my self-confidence grew. Then I pulled photos and there was Michael Jordan. So I just dropped my ears…The boys in the cab were laughing and surrendered to the next office where they handed the hand about the right hand, “he added.

When picking up keys at the hotel, he would not “ ” At the airport, when I give my passport they will look at the picture and laugh, “ Em

“Many people get it, what I do not understand when I have a Czech Flag and I’m in the jersey. Still, some people write to me that I’m a better player than LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, “ headed Jordan. ” In this case, I do not know how much there.I’m going to have a retweet there and people think they’re stupid, “ added Jordan, who hopes to make his own name in the NHL, too.