Trenčín is still on the winning streak: Pavlikov’s goal was to win over Žilina

ŽILINA – The home hockey players had the optic predominance at the beginning of the game. Immediately in the first few seconds Buc pushed himself to Lašák, but his bluff was destroyed. The former Slovakian representative briefed himself also on the shooting attempts of Dlouhý and Dornič.

Trenčanom managed to hit virtually the first significant opportunity. Rastislav Pavlikovský pulled a real crowd pleaser as he, after 7 minutes, wove through the guests’ entire central defense and put the 1 – 0 equalizer away. The pace has fallen. The Žilinians had an ideal chance to balance the two-player advantage in 86 seconds, but Lassak did not endanger them at all.Tough in front of the siren glowed again on the opposite side, when Ondrej Rousnak punished the defensive home defeat and hung the puck beneath the gate of Lac Gate.

Jan Neliba came through a break for goalkeepers. Marek Laca was replaced by Maroš Mikoláš, who in the first few seconds had to solve Marek Kalus’s own leak. The image of the game was still similar to the first third, with bigger chances being minimal. In 32 minutes the home reduced when the puck reached the Drevenak and the close up shot Lašák. Marcel Sterbak, who was given a four-minute penalty for the game with the raised stick, was then defeated in one of the matches.At the start of the match, Novakovsky was shooting, his shot Mikula and the puck fell behind Mikolášov’s back – 1: 3.

The third event began with both teams tactically. Žilina wanted to return to the match, only after 47 minutes in the presley game came to the puck between the circles Kominek and increased by three goals difference. 73 seconds later, after the defeat of the Trenčian defense, he found Klouda Šterbák and he drew a scuffle of hope for the home team. 52 minutes into the game, however, Dukly Kutny pushed the ball behind for a short while in the middle of the field, and Mikuláš’s concrete crossed it. In the next run, guests were already checking their leadership. (0: 2, 1: 1, 2: 2)

MsHK DOXXbet Žilina – Dukla Trenčín 3: b>
Goals: 32.Linen, F. Macejka, 47. Marcel Sterbak (Klouda), 60. Kalla (Valašek) – 7. Rastislav Pavlikovský (Komínek), 19. O. Rusnák, 35. Mikula (Novajovský, Rastislav Pavlikovský), 46.

< 1: 2, defeat: 0: 0, decided by: D. Konc - Schenensky, Holienka, 1315 spectators

Žilina: Laco (21. Mikoláš) – Rúfus, Marcel Šterbák, Ostrčil, Bajaník, Dlouhý, Sluka – T. Varga, Klouda, F. Novák – Dornič, Kalla, D. Buc – F. Macejka, Linet, Kropáč

Trencin: J. Lašák – R. Lintner, M. Nemčík, E.Bagin, Posnik, Čerešňák, Novajovsky – Kominek, Rastislav Pavlikovsky, Mikula – Kutny, O. Rusnak, Marek Kalus – T. Klíma, Nemček, L. Klíma – Vaculin, Broska, D. Hudec